Collision RepairAfter you have an auto accident you are going to need the services of someone who specializes in collision repair, and International Body Shop in Elmhurst, Illnois is the best place you can come to. We have worked with a lot of vehicles which, when you look at the damage, might seem to be beyond repair, but which we know can be returned to the good state they were in before.

We make your vehicle safe again, and we make it look great again. This involves making sure the various parts we are repairing at returned to the correct shape, that the paint matches, and that structurally the integrity is maintained. This takes time, but the end result is something that you will really appreciate.

Get Your Vehicle Looking Great Again, Call Us!

We service many people in the Elmhurst area, and those who have used us for regular maintenance work, come to us as soon as they need something more extensive done, such as when they have a car accident. We are here to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.