Body ShopOur body shop works on all kinds of cars, vans and trucks; meaning, if you have a vehicle that is in need of body work, you can bring it to us. We try to provide a comprehensive service for our clients, and this includes free estimates, easy access to rental car services, lifetime warranty on body work, and a staff that speaks English, Spanish, and Polish. We want our customers to be happy.

You Want Your Car To Look Great Again, Call us Today!

We want to make sure that you have the absolute best experience when you come to us. We know that often, when you are in need of work on your car that something has happened which you may still be dealing with, and which may be very stressful, so we are sensitive to that.

If you live in Elmhurst or the surrounding area, and you are in need of a body shop, you should call us today. We have helped countless people over the last 40 years, and fixed their damaged vehicles. If you have any questions about what we are able to do for you, or you would like to book your vehicle in for some work, please contact us immediately. We look forward to being able to help you.