Auto Body Shop

You need an auto body shop – that is not hard to see. When you look at your vehicle you can see the damage pretty easily, but it may extend beyond just the cosmetic damage that you are able to identify. When you bring your vehicle to International Body Shop we will be... read more

Auto Body Repair

Depending on the degree of damage to your vehicle, getting it to an expert in auto body repair can be vital in preventing further damage from occurring. Rust can set in, parts can fall off – and any further deterioration of your car is going to end up costing you more... read more

Collision Repair

After you have been in a collision you want a collision repair expert to work on your car, and get it looking like new as soon as possible. You want any structural damage to be handled by someone that you trust, and with over 40 years of experience in performing high... read more

Body Shop Near Me

Have you ever been trying to Google “body shop near me” and you just don’t know which one to choose? Well, your search is at an end. We are confident that we can do any work on your vehicle that needs doing. For over 40 years we have been providing the best... read more

Body Shop

Everyone needs to have a great body shop on speed dial in the same way that they need a great auto mechanic on speed dial. Once you have all of the mechanical issues sorted out you want to get your vehicle looking the way it used to look. Whether you have a small... read more

Car Accident Repair

Car accident repair combines something that is both practical and aesthetic – you are seeking to make the car look as good as it once did while also repairing the structural integrity of the damaged part. Being a body technician takes a lot of skill, and when... read more

Dent Fix

Dents are easy enough to receive, but sometimes getting a dent fix is not so easy. Finding someone that does the kind of job you are expecting – where someone can look at your car and have no clue it was ever dented, that takes some doing. Your car is one of the... read more

Car Body Repair

Car body repair isn’t just about a simple paint job – it can be a very involved process that obviously depends upon the amount of damage that your vehicle has suffered. We may need to repair dents, windows, hail damage, frame repair – you name it,... read more

Collision Repair

After you have an auto accident you are going to need the services of someone who specializes in collision repair, and International Body Shop in Elmhurst, Illnois is the best place you can come to. We have worked with a lot of vehicles which, when you look at the... read more

Body Shop Near Me

If you have been thinking to yourself I need to find a reliable body shop near me, then you have just found the right place. No matter how badly damaged your vehicle is, we are confident that we can return it to the state it was in before the accident. If your vehicle... read more
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