Auto Body Shop

A lot of people really don’t understand the difference between a mechanic and a body shop, and therefore they don’t really appreciate the benefits of taking their car to a body shop. A mechanic, as the name suggests handles primarily mechanical work, and... read more

Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair is a very specialized field, and our technicians are the best in the business. You can have confidence that our highly trained and experienced team are going to provide you with the absolute best service when it comes to repairing your vehicle.... read more

Collision Repair

You’ve had a collision and you need an expert in collision repair to restore you car to the state it was in before the crash – you’ve come to the right place. It needs to look good and it needs to meet safety standards – it basically needs to be like new,... read more

Body Shop

You want to keep your car in a good state of repair at all times, and having a good reliable body shop is an important part of that. If you take good care of your car you will extend its life, and when it comes time to trade it in for a newer model you will have... read more

Body Shop Near Me

Most people, once they find a body shop they like they will add it to saved places, and no longer have to Google “body shop near me”.  When you find somewhere reliable you don’t need to search around for a new place, and we know that we are that place for many... read more

Bumper Repair

Sometimes when a bumper does its job you are going to need bumper repair. The functionality of all parts of the car really come into play in accidents, as much as they do in the general day to running of the car. But, in moments when the protective aspects of your... read more

Car Accident Repair

Once your car has been in an accident you want to seek a car accident repair specialist as soon as you can.. No one wants or expects to be in a car accident – but one should definitely prepared for it, and know what to do after it. Having the numbers of people who you... read more

Dent Fix

If you have a dent and are looking for a dent fix, look no further! We can handle minor dents, major dents, pretty much everything. If your vehicle is repairable we can repair it. We have seen all kinds of damage to vehicles in the years that we have been in business,... read more

Car Body Repair

Our technicians will provide you with the best car body repair available. The car you take home will not look like the car you drive in, but the car that you remember driving, and this is no small thing. We understand that it can be pretty traumatic having any kind of... read more

Car Body Shop

You know when your car needs to visit a car body shop. It’s possible that you have been putting off the visit, but now you know about International Body Shop, so there is no need to delay it any further. It is always best to handle any issues with your vehicle... read more
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