Auto Body Shop in Elmhurst, IL

That accident you had has prompted you to start looking for an auto body shop. You need to get that damage repaired or the weather is going to come along and make it worse, and the deterioration that it is likely to cause could result in damage to your vehicle that is... read more

Car Body Shop in Elmhurst, IL

If you are in the Elmhurst area and you have been looking for a car body shop you have found the right place. We have helped a lot of people to get their cars back on the road after accidents, or just looking better after exposure to general wear and tear. Given the... read more

Car Body Repair in Elmhurst, IL

If you are in need of car body repair International Body Shop can help. Your car is up against all the wear and tear the environment can subject it to, such as winter damage and rust spots, and also any possible accidents that you might have. When something happens,... read more

Dent Fix in Elmhurst, IL

What appears to be a simple dent fix requires some skill, and that is something we possess a lot of. Our team of highly trained and experienced body repair technicians will make your car look great again. It’s funny how much a dent can stand out, and whether you... read more

Car Accident Repair in Elmhurst, IL

Car accident repair is a very skilled process that involves not just aesthetics but safety as well – you aren’t just getting the car to look how it looked before, you also have to consider that you are rebuilding the parts which were damaged whilst... read more

Bumper Repair in Elmhurst, IL

It is technically there to bump against things, but you want your car to look nice, so bumper repair is an essential thing to maintain the aesthetics of your car. There is also the fact that it needs to be repaired so  it functions in the same way as it did before to... read more
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