Body Shop

Our body shop works on all kinds of cars, vans and trucks; meaning, if you have a vehicle that is in need of body work, you can bring it to us. We try to provide a comprehensive service for our clients, and this includes free estimates, easy access to rental car... read more

Bumper Repair

It’s meant to be one of the things that gets hit if you are facing forward when you are hit or you hit something. Getting it fixed and making sure that its structural integrity is sound is a very important thing to get done after any kind of accident that... read more

Car Accident Repair

You have been in a car accident and you need an expert in car accident repair to handle the repairs that need to be done. Often there is very obvious damage to the body of the car, but there can be less obvious damage to the underlying structure as well. Our highly... read more

Dent Fix

There is an art to the dent fix, and it is one that each and every one of the technicians in our body shop has mastered. Obviously there are different requirements for smaller dents than those for larger dents, but they are all something that are in our excellent... read more

Car Body Repair

Looking for the best body shop locally you may have come across Carstar, a national group for Auto Body Repair Experts, and you will have seen that we are affiliated. Like them, we promise quality repairs, excellent customer service, and much more. You will enjoy your... read more

Car Body Shop

What do you look for in a car body shop? What are the most important criteria for you? Obviously you want the finished work to look good, and you want the repaired bodywork, whether structural or aesthetic, to comply with existing safety standards. What else? The... read more

Auto Body Shop

A lot of people really don’t understand the difference between a mechanic and a body shop, and therefore they don’t really appreciate the benefits of taking their car to a body shop. A mechanic, as the name suggests handles primarily mechanical work, and... read more

Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair is a very specialized field, and our technicians are the best in the business. You can have confidence that our highly trained and experienced team are going to provide you with the absolute best service when it comes to repairing your vehicle.... read more

Collision Repair

You’ve had a collision and you need an expert in collision repair to restore you car to the state it was in before the crash – you’ve come to the right place. It needs to look good and it needs to meet safety standards – it basically needs to be like new,... read more

Body Shop

You want to keep your car in a good state of repair at all times, and having a good reliable body shop is an important part of that. If you take good care of your car you will extend its life, and when it comes time to trade it in for a newer model you will have... read more
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